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By this time Arsenio, got dressed and was out the door.

His English wasn’t as good as Maricel’s, so it was probably better anyway for him to leave at that time.

I asked Maricel how Arsenio felt about the fact that she was living, sleeping, and having sex with me, a 42-year-old American.

She said that Arsenio understood and accepted the situation, because it was common for young Filipinos to have both an older foreign benefactor, or even husband, as well as a young boyfriend on the side.

Then, I whipped out my laptop and showed her some selected posts on various cuckold websites, just to show her that there were other men like me.

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We had an arrangement whereby she lived with me in my apartment, kept the place clean and tidy, and slept with me every night.

Well, being someone who had always had unrealized cuckold fantasies, I laughed and told them both to relax, and they calmed down.

I told Maricel that the only thing that would make me angry is if, from now on, she ever lied or kept secrets from me, and I asked her to come clean with me.

Arsenio was so very grateful, and expressed to me (through Maricel) how much he wished he could repay my generosity.

I told him, vaguely, “Maybe some day you can” and smiled.

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